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Tetra Master v0.1 (Minigame from Final Fantasy IX) by TLT96
Tetra Master v0.1 (Minigame from Final Fantasy IX)
This is the first time i uploaded this game that i am working on... Its like a card game (Kinda... Mixed with Stats and "Levels"), i just begun with this so.. Its a little "useless" Right now you can Play and Rematch (With an ugly Titlescreen), Just click, click and click :D

Next update will have the missing things like: Menu, Rivals, Worlds, Card Upgrade, and more :D

Download Link:…
Digimon World Wars - Fight  12/2015 by TLT96
Digimon World Wars - Fight 12/2015
-Battle System is at 90% (Data Boost incomplete)
The battles are automatic, the user can just help with Data Boost, Data Boost are a Buff System, Includes Strength, Defense and Speed Bonus, Also can Heal your Digimons (It Shows HP+)

Strength: Digimon damage (Also increases a little bit of max HP)
Defense: Digimon defense (Also increases max HP)
Speed: Means how often a Digimon can atack (Blue bar on Digimon name, Shoutmon just atacked and is empty)
Intelligence: The strength of the buff (Higher Int increase the effect of the Buff)

This game will not have Level Up System, instead when the Fight ends, it will show a message at the top of the screen saying "Shoutmon Strength goes up!", if the Digimon atack it will have a chance to increase the Strength stat, if a Digimon recieve an atack it will have a chance to increase the Defense Stat.... if he have two of their requeriments (He atacked and received an atack), he will have the chance of increase Speed and Intelligence...

And Btw, the game is named Digimon World Wars, I know Shoutmon is on the Screenshoot and it has Wars (Original name of Digimon Fusion) on the name, but is not going to be like Digimon Xross Wars (Yeah, no Digixross or Digifusion)

I just have that... The battle system, but i will tell what im going to do:

The game "map" is going to be like Rpg Maker (32x32 Characters and Tiles), You can "capture" or get Digimon to the city/town (Like in Digimon World 1, that is why World on the name), also you can get Digimon to your Party (That just happend on Digimon Xross Wars, that is why Wars on the name), i dont have the idea of putting Digivolution (Like in Xross wars, just 4 or 10 Digivolves.... and they are like Main characters..... on the others Digimon even the enemies had Evolutions)

Maybe someone can help me with sprites? (Like Rpg Maker VX characters, Tiny 32x32), and Tiles :P

Sprites By:
Kingdom Hearts Another Story Screen by TLT96
Kingdom Hearts Another Story Screen
Name: Kingdom Hearts Another Story
Release Date: 2014-2015

Kingdom Hearts game based on the original saga from Square Enix, One of the few new features is the use of more characters from Kingdom Hearts 1 (Not just Sora, you can use Donald, Goofy, Wakka, Tidus, Cloud, Riku, Mickey, Dark Riku, Leon, Kairi, Selphie, Aerith and Yuffie)

Im planning to not use the Disney Characters and Worlds (Cause they make the game for Childs, instead i will place Worlds of some Shonen Series)


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